Sunday, 19 June 2011

London's Koolin'

As a Londoner to the core, born and raised north of the Thames, I have a natural affinity for all things different. A rebellious and revolutionary attitude is deeply engrained in the mind of  fast-paced city slickers like us. The conquer-it-all mindset of people like Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell, Helena Bonham Carter and the late great Alexander McQueen did not come about by chance, it's in our DNA. We believe that nothing is impossible and originality always triumphs, a belief which is proven time and time again.

Us folks that represent the big LDN are known for being unfriendly, but it's not the case. In a city like London, everyone is going somewhere, 24/7. Hardly anyone has time for taking a stroll, or standing on the street to take the world in. The word 'busy' personifies our entire existence.

Through this blog I'd like to take you into the mind, heart and soul of a person who knows this lifestyle, this mentality, like the back of their hand. I want to show you how exactly living among such diversity has shaped my tastes, my likes and dislikes, and has formed my go-getter attitude to life.

Please don't get confused; this is not a blog about London, nor is it strictly about those who hail from this wonderous land. Instead this is an insight into all of  my influences and inspirations worldwide.


p.s Excuse the Kardashian-esque play on the letter K, but eh, it fits.


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