Friday, 30 September 2011


As per usual I don't really have anything important to say.

I really enjoyed writing the first diary entry though, it was quite soothing. So, I thought I'd just keep it up.

- I'm currently in the mood to watch some Joseph Gordon-Levitt but unfortunately one cannot find the blasted 500 Days Of Summer DVD. This always happens to me. It's constant.

Also, did you know that some DVD players come without a SCART lead? Maybe it's just piece of shit DVD players by Bush, but in order for me to watch a film, I must venture behind the TV and swap the lead from the Virgin Media box to the DVD player. Why must this occur? Why is Bush so cheap?

- Onwards and upwards; My birthday is coming up soon-ish! I'll be 21 on November 16.

Most people are really excited to turn 21, but I've been dreading it for months.

The prospect of getting another year older is terrifying. A sweet, sweet friend of mine told me that it all goes downhill from there, so that fills me with great joy and happiness!!!!!!! Yay, I just can't wait!!!!

- In other news, I have been attending a course this week, which is an achievement in itself.

Anyone who knows me, knows that formal education and I just aren't the best of friends. We are actually sworn enemies. So, the fact that I have even attended this course for more than 0.5 seconds is absolutely amazingly mindblowing. Gold star for me.

Because I like to stay true to myself; I have spent every possible moment complaining about attending said course. I mean, it is painful and torturous, but I may slightly overexaggerate just a little, just for fun.

The truth is...  it isn't a bad course. It's actually quite good. I appreciate it's purpose. Not that it makes it any easier for me to sit still in my seat for more than a few minutes. Plus, it's just a few weeks long so I may make it through alive.

- If you didn't know; Glee is back on TV screens!

I actually wrote a post on it, but scrapped it because it was semi-insulting and I thought that I should possibly behave myself for once in my life.

I'm a total Glee lover, but my hate for Mr Schu is fierce and real and it took up a lot of the post. Who wants to read about how much I hate him and his truly horrendous singing? No one. So I left it.

Thankfully, Blaine fills me with joy that I just can't contain, so whenever William appears on-screen I just hum Hey Soul Sister quietly to myself.

- BTW; one has a new style crush on designer Kim Ellery. She's awesome and rockin' and I love her longtime. Look at her:

Feel the love!

She makes me want to shout, "TATT MY NAME ON YOU GIRL, SO I KNOW IT'S REAL!"

- As you can tell, this post is absolutely all over the place. This is simply because that's how my mind works. It doesn't stay still for long lengths of time [unless I'm worrying about something] and it rarely ever makes sense to anyone but me.

Ta-ta now!


Marteen said...

I LOVE THIS POST!!! I actually burst out laughing reading it!! Please keep them coming!

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