Wednesday, 26 October 2011

DIARY: Three

So, it's been a minute.

Missed me? Yes? :)

I've finally made the move over from Wordpress to Blogger, which was an ordeal in itself. I'm not a fan of Blogger and it took me eight million years to find a layout that didn't make me want to be sick (it's the exact same one as I had on Wordpress, ho hum) so the move took longer than I had anticipated.

I've been as sick as a dog the last week or so and I seem to be getting worse by the nanosecond. I'm coughing and spluttering and dying... It's awful. The worst part is that I'm finding it hard to breathe which means I can't move far from my abode, not that I usually do, but when you have to stay home it always seems even more boring than if you simply were choosing to stay indoors.

Guess what, guys? It's Scorpio season! HOORAY! Let the choir sing! The worlds most amazing people were born during this time, like me, so there are plenty of reasons to celebrate!

Anywho, I must dash.



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