Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Alena Shishkova #2

Yes, another post on the Russian model. I can't help it, she's gorgeous and photographs flawlessly. Alena is like a real life Barbie.

Let me just say, there are many fake pages of Alena on Tumblr, Facebook and Twitter. She has a Formspring (which is in Russian) and a page on a Russian social networking site but that is it. Don't be fooled!

 Gorgeous. How does she make camera phone pictures look like a damn photoshoot?! Life is unfair.


MARINA said...

u look beautiful

Anonymous said...

How? Easy answer ---> Plastic surgery...

Very good plastic surgery

alena moore said...

No it's called amazing genes, have you seen how beautiful her parents are especially her mother and she only had hylaruonic acid injected in her lips and in January 2013 she got the tip of her nose removed but it still looks the same like she didn't even do it so yeah she is naturally a gorgeous gir

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