Friday, 3 February 2012

Alena Shishkova #3

Since you guys seem to like my Alena Shishkova posts so much, I decided to do another.
Here's a few little facts on her, in case you don't know who she is:

+ Alena is 19 years old, born November 12th 1992. Yes, she's a Scorpio!
+ The only plastic surgery she has had are lip injections.
+ Her hair is dyed blonde.
+ She is a model and will be competing in Miss Russia representing Tumen.
+ Alena has no Twitter, Tumblr or Facebook.
+ She has a boyfriend.
+ Her first language is Russian and she speaks very little English, so if you come across a site with a girl claiming to be her but speaking in English/American vernacular - a definite fake!

(Some facts via stevieharlow)


Irina Stoean said...

you forgot to mention that she looks like Megan Fox :)

Anonymous said...

she has had her nose done too

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