Sunday, 26 February 2012

Marilyn Monroe

As someone who loves Old Hollywood, I have always had an interest in the stars of that time period. One huge star from those days that wasn't really on my radar was Marilyn Monroe.

I'm not sure what it was about her that I didn't quite click with, but for some reason she just didn't really appeal to me like she does the rest of the population.

It wasn't until I was planning for my Old Hollywood themed birthday party that I paid more attention to Marilyn. I was going through pictures on the internet of her, looking for images to add to my invite so show people the kind of look I was going for, and I came across photos that made me begin to find her interesting. During this time I began to realise that I did like Marilyn Monroe, very much actually, but what I liked about her wasn't the side that she has remained famous for.

Marilyn Monroe is more or less synonymous with sex appeal, but in my opinion the interesting part of her is the down to earth, smiley and happy side of her that wasn't captured on camera quite as much.

Also, Marilyn was a lot smarter than she has been credited for; she often found joy in reading books and conversing with intelligent people. Marilyn wanted to be known as a serious actress, not just a sex symbol, and fought against her studio for more serious roles than the ones she was being given.

Unfortunately Marilyn Monroe passed away before she was able to fulfill her ultimate goal of being taken seriously in her craft. So in honour of her, here are some of my favourite pictures showcasing the less known side of Miss Marilyn Monroe:


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