Friday, 8 July 2011

Megan the Fox


Ms Fox took to Facebook yesterday to post pictures proving that her face is botox free. Lovely!

I have no clue what brought this on, but I'm not complaining. I've been deprived of new Megan Fox pictures for a while and it's definitely a treat they they are some regular snaps just like ones that us non-celebrities upload onto our own Facebook pages.

I must admit; Megan Fox is probably my favourite famous person. I love her sense of humour, she has heaps of personality, she's interesting and I don't believe in the 'dumb as a rock' label that people have given her. It's also wonderful that she isn't one of those 'party girls' that you see falling out of clubs and getting DUI's, she actually seems to live a pretty simple life with her husband Brian Austin Green.

Check out this status from her official Facebook page, it made me laugh:
attention gamers: getting 21 kills by hiding next to a gravity lift with an energy sword does not make you a badass, it makes you a coward.

How can you not love her?!

I've just decided; from now on I will refer to her as The Fox. It's way too fitting not to.

p.s The make up addict in me is thinking that she's wearing MAC's Goldmine and Amber Lights eyeshadows around her eyes. Thoughts?

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