Saturday, 10 September 2011

Natasha Poly

I had the pleasure of meeting this gorgeous supermodel a couple of years ago in London. To my delight, she was very polite and down to earth, though she didn't say much. When she did speak, she had a gloriously low voice and an accent.

Despite popular belief, not all models are stick thin. Natasha was, of course, very slender but she didn't look unhealthy in the slightest. Her slim frame was perfectly suited to her above average height.

I liked Natasha Poly before meeting her, and after getting to see her face to face I like her even more!

Thankfully, every model I've met has been lovely (Naomi Campbell, Daria Werbowy, Alice Dellal, Catherine McNeil, Jourdan Dunn etc), I am pleased to say that Natasha can be added to that list.


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