Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Alena Shishkova Makeup Look

Alena Shishkova's makeup is pretty simple and is very similar to Megan Fox's usual look.

Alena wears a natural shade of eyeshadow on the lid, with a darker colour on the outer part of her crease. She uses black liquid liner flicked out at the end to create a cat-eye look and a soft shimmery shadow underneath her eyebrows.

Her eyebrows are arched and carefully filled in with a mid-brown eyeshadow, then bronzer is applied to the contours of her face. She also has half lashes applied to her eyes. Alena usually wears a soft pink lip colour on her lips, or a glossy red now and then.

Alena's makeup is never overpowering. She wears makeup that compliments her features and enhances her beauty instead of wearing more adventurous and colourful looks.

To achieve the same makeup look as Alena, you can also refer to the Classic Eyeliner and Perfect Brows post.


Brian said...

She's so attractive.

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